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Log in and add the channels you need to your favorites in order not to lose them.

Affiliate program

Connect to Admost referral program and earn on attracted users.

Catalog of interesting Telegram channels

In the catalog of Telegram channels you can view the top popular Telegram channels. Also on the channels is the statistics of the views of records, the growth of subscribers and the dynamics of publication of posts. In addition, directly on Admost, you can view the channel feed and links to it.

All information is available within one convenient platform. To view the advertising records of the channel of interest, it is enough to find it in the catalog and open the feed of the channel references - it contains all the posts in which the channel was referenced. The action takes 1 minute.

Advertisement in Telegram

Analyzing the advertising campaigns of competitors, you can start advertising your channel. Admost is not just a catalog of popular channels Telegram, but also an market for buying and selling advertising. The channel administrator can add their channels to the catalog and set the price for the publication. After that, any user can create an advertising post, select the publication time and send an advertising offer for the channel.

However, the advertisement will not be published until the administrator checks the post and approves the publication time. If it works and the offer is accepted, the Admost bot will automatically publish the advertisement at the right time. Similarly, the bot will remove the advertisement when the time specified by the administrator in the tariff passes.

Your guarantee of the transaction in Telegram

Throughout the transaction, Admost acts as guarantor. To ensure the obligations of each party to the transaction, 100% of the prepayment is taken, and a mechanism for freezing money is used, when the money for each advertising placement is written off from the advertiser's account and not sent immediately to the account of the contractor, but temporarily blocked and transferred to the administrator only after advertising on the channel.

If you want to quickly and safely buy advertising in the Telegram, analyze competitors and follow the statistics of their channels, then Admost is your best choice.

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