The flow of target customers from Telegram for your business

We unite advertisers and channel owners,
making their cooperation transparent and effective.


Catalog of popular Telegram channels with detailed statistics and feed of publications.

Take advantage of all the functionality of Admost - auto-publication of posts, safe transaction, analytics, selection of sites and many others to promote your brand in Telegram.


Admost is an advertising marketplace of Telegram channels, where advertisers select channels in the catalog and send ad offers.

Add your own channels to the Admost catalog and monetize them, getting advertising offers and choosing the ones that suit your audience.

Advantages of working with Admost

  • Open catalog of advertising platforms
  • Different categories for attracting the target flow of customers
  • Detailed channel statistics
  • Notifications on the site, in Telegram and by e-mail
  • Manage multiple accounts at once
  • Analytics of advertising campaigns and publications
  • Guarantee of a safe transaction and the absence of risks
  • Time-saving due to lack of negotiation

Easy editor
for creativity creation

  • Preview of the post directly on the site
  • Advertising format - post fowrard
  • Adding images and buttons to the post
  • Markdown markup with links, bold and italic
  • Copying a post from already created offers

The whole process in three simple steps

Selection of channels

Search channels with the target audience in the catalog.

Campaign preparation

Selection of creatives in accordance with the audience and channel, analysis and identification of the best posts.

Customer flow

Getting a stable flow of customers from the desired segment.

Where can you start an advertising campaign?

Telegram channels

  • ERR

See the full list of channels in the catalog

Platforms by segment

All channels have been selected for an effective advertising campaign. Get a steady stream of customers by using the influence of marketing and promote your business.


Business & Startups

Crypto currency


News & Mass media




Answers to popular questions

We are already a well-known company and do not need advertising

Right. However, you probably can find customers who are still not familiar with your company. Such people can also be attracted. We are sure that you are interested in increasing the number of clients. For a popular business, this is much easier.

Let is consider this option: our agency will analyze which target streams can be accessed and how to interest them. You can also think of a way to keep popularity among existing customers.

We are already located on other exchanges, what is your difference?

We understand. Probably, you are not disappointed with their work. Not intending to argue with this, we also want to show you our statistics and offer you to familiarize yourself with the platform is functionality.

We are ready to provide a list not only on our stock exchange, but also on several others. That you could compare, evaluate and choose. Let is send you our offer. Perhaps it will be more profitable for your business. Contact us at

The channels have become so much advertising that no one pays attention to it!

A huge number of advertisements shows that Telegram is a vibrant, active audience. The so-called "fish place". Most advertisers are aware of this in the course and therefore make purchases. As you stand out from the competition - the next task. However, our agency is ready to help with this.

We had the experience of advertising in Telegram channels and it does not work there!

The placement does not work when there is no target audience or there are serious mistakes in advertising (for example, the format of advertising that is not suitable for the channel and the absence of any creative for selection against the background of competitors). We do not know what content was placed and on which channels. But we are aware of common reasons, because of which the placement could not work. We can tell why our marketplace is suitable for your business and advise you on what points to pay attention when buying advertising.

Telegram channels have very small audience

Having received the offer of publication in a popular source with a large coverage, you need to know the percentage of the target audience. Otherwise, it turns out that the publication in major publications will not work. In the catalog Admost there are a large number of channels sorted into different categories. It remains to find areas suitable for your business.

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